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We take pride in introducing Radika Exim as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of diversified range of products like Laundry Soap (OIL CAKE) Detergent / Washing Powder, Toilet Soaps, Cosmetics etc. The Primary objectives of our Organization are to provide the quality products and best services to our customers. We, are empowered with our advanced manufacturing unit that is equipped with advanced technologies to develop and manufacture wide range of products.
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We are equipped with high qualified professionals, World class Software, In-house conventional Tool Rooms and wide range of dedicated vendors to provide the quality product. The production Plant is spread around 50000 Sq Mt.

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Various seminars, workshops, interactive sessions and brainstorming discussions with people from industry and eminent professionals and academicians are constantly organized by Radika Exim which promotes intellectual growth for the improvement of our products.
"Any physical, verbal or mental action, just or unjust, initiated by a person, has five casual factors : body, instinct of doership, resources, efforts and the unforeseen."
Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 18

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You can download the detailed information of various products, like Specification Sheets, Order form and other supporting material.
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Radika Exim - An Industry Leader

Radika Exim is well suited to provide all technical and customer support to help in creating new product concepts and remains committed at every stage of development. We owe our success to our experienced team of personnel, cutting edge technology and outstanding customer service.
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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission
Best in quality
Always provide the right product quality and service consistently acceptable to our customer.
Excellent performance
Constantly improve product quality and productivity, adopt new technologies and innovative idea and manage resources prudently.
Superior value
Continuously offer good value to customers and maximizing shareholder's value.
Team work
Build team spirit through pride of ownership respect individually and adopt the ethical standard.

Research & Development
Our research and development department is supported by professional team with outstanding experience and expertise in the business and technical analysis.
Our quality assurance starts from the very beginning of planting material to the delivery of products. Our workforce is driven by our corporate mission and objective to deliver on time.

Our wide ranges of quality products have been accepted in the national as well as international market.
Our product range includes:
Food Products
Laundry Soap
Toilet Soap
Detergent Powder
Cleaning Liquid

Multipurpose Soap

We provide our services for associated manufacturing of a comprehensive range of soaps, detergents, cosmetics & many more. Maharaja Group of Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Toilet Soap, Detergent Powder, laundry detergents, soaps and other products in India. Our products are of superlative quality coupled with high product consistency.
Investor Relations

We have dedicated Investor Relation officers (IROs), who oversee most aspects of private meetings with investors, press conferences, investor relations sections of company websites, and company annual reports. The investor relations function also often includes the transmission of information relating to intangible values such as the company's policy on corporate governance or corporate social responsibility.
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