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Mr Jagdish Somani
"Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are."

- Theodore Roosevelt


One can drive the philosophy of management from his quote. We have been following this philosophy from the very day when this organization was established 1972.

Previously, we laid stress on various Soap and Detergent products and got a remarkable success. A new shift in values and priorities of liberalization and globalization has developed the aim of grooming new products like Cables, Casting services and different handicraft goods with the newly emerging technologies and constant reserach.

The upcoming enriched body of Radika Exim is working in or co-operating with our highly skillful engineers and innovative busniess managers, fully serves the ongoing purpose of introspection, perusal and up-gradation of development programs and products.


- Mr Jagdish Somani

C: +91-9414053223

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