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( Mr Raghav Maheshwari)
(Director - Radika Exim)

Message from Director

" Radika Exim has been in the field of Import and Export of Soaps and Detergents, Cables and Casting Services since 1972 and in the short span of time has carved a niche for itself.

Our focus is on constant development of innovative products, which imbibes the world class quality with customer satisfaction and trust.

Our technical methodology and R&D are consistently updated to reflect the evolving nature of business. Radika Exim is fully committed to excellence in quality products & services and keeping close liaison with business and industry on a continuous basis to offer the highest standard.

We believe that a sound foundation in our own socio cultural values is necessary to make our identity. Hence, we aim at the comprehensive development with ethical & spiritual values.

Mr. Raghav Maheshwari

Innovation, Customer Satisfaction and Quality are the Keys in Business.



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