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Rice Export from India

India is the leading exporter of the Rice to the global markets. In 2015-16 India has exported about 40.45 Lakh MT of Basmati Rice and 63.66 Lakh MT Non-Basmati rice.

India is one of the biggest exporters of rice in the world.

Basmati rice

India is the leading exporter of the Basmati Rice to the global market.[6] In the financial year 2018-19, India exported around 4.4 million metric tons of Basmati rice worth USD 4.7 billion.

The Indian states with the highest areas of Basmati rice under production are Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Western Uttar Pradesh.

Non Basmati rice

According to APEDA, "any rice other than Basmati Rice is named as Non-Basmati rice." In 2018-19, India exported 7.5 million metric tons of Non-Basmati rice worth USD 3 billion. The main export destinations were Nepal, Benin, Senegal, Bangladesh and Guinea.

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