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"Any physical, verbal or mental action, just or unjust, initiated by a person, has five casual factors : body, instinct of doership, resources, efforts and the unforeseen."

Bhagavadgita - Chapter 18


The learned seer and scholars from ancient India had certainly developed an elaborate insight regarding management of each and every aspect of human life. The basic theory is irrefutable and time-tested.

The damaging changes in commerce, industry, administration and futuristic opportunities in India call for the amalgamation all the rich heritage of our culture with the needs of modern day management with an apt understanding of practical applicability.

Radika Exim endeavors to strive in Soap, Casting and Cable industry and preparing world class products. Iím happy to be in association with the organization and look forward to keeping tab, on the progress of the future reserach & development. I wish them all success in their personal life as well as in their role as industry leader.



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